How old is Addison Rae real name? kijk maar | hoe oud is addison rae

How old is Addison Rae real name? kijk maar | hoe oud is addison rae

How old is Addison Rae real name? kijk maar | hoe oud is addison rae

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Addison Rae Easterling is a famous TikTok star. She was born on October 6, 2000, in Lafayette, Louisiana, USA. Her age is 19.

Why is Addison Rae so big?

Why is Addison Rae famous? Addison blew up on TikTok back in 2019 after she posted videos of her dancing with her mom, Sheri. She signed to the talent agency, WME in January of 2020 and eight months later became the second most followed user on the app with 54million followers.

Was Addison Rae family rich?

Addison Rae Easterling is one of the most popular stars on TikTok. She has millions of fans online and is even friends with Kourtney Kardashian. However, Easterling was not always popular with her peers growing up. She once recalled being bullied at school because her family did not have money.

Who Did Addison Rae date for 5 years?


We don’t know who he is, but we do know Addison dated him for five years because Bryce Hall mentioned this fact when talking about how they got together, saying, “Honestly, I was just trying to kiss her.

Who is the richest TikToker?

Highest-Paid TikTok Stars
Riyaz Aly: $2 Million.Zach King: $3 Million.Brent Rivera: $4 Million.Baby Ariel: $6 Million.Charli D’Amelio: $8 Million.Addison Rae: $8 Million.Burak Ozdemir: $11 Million.

How much money does Addison Rae make per TikTok?

Other outlets have claimed she makes anywhere from $50,000 to $80,000 per TikTok post, while Rae herself once said in a podcast interview that the most she’s ever heard of a TikTok star (although not necessarily herself) earning for a single post is $90,000.

How Addison Rae got famous?

Rae began posting on TikTok in 2019.

At that time, she posted a mix of dance videos, lip-syncs, trends, and comedy skits, with many of her videos featuring appearances from her mother — a TikTok star in her own right with over 14 million followers — and other family members.


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